Pilates Bed

Bed based on the principles of Joseph Pilates

Pilates Bed

Joseph H. Pilates, founder of the well known Pilates fitness technique, described a bed or couch he designed and patented in 1930 (US Patent 1,876,743). In this he describes the many benefits of sleeping on a pair of resting surfaces inclined to each other. These benefits include. Straightening of the back in sleep and better support for the arms and legs.

I have taken his original design and improved it for modern living. My bed is:-

  • Flatpack – no tools or fittings are required for assembly.
  • Clean design – The bed can be washed ideal for allergy sufferers, or children.
  • It is virtually impossible for children to accidentally roll out of the bed.

Pilates bed positions diagram

Figure 11
Shows arms and shoulders are supported in a position which permits relaxation and better circulation.
Figure 12
Shows a position for resting & reading or writing. It will be noted from this figure that my improved bed or couch affords relaxation even in this position in as much as support is given to both legs, hips shoulders and arms in such a manner that little muscular tension is required.
Figure 13
It will be noted that a person lying partly prone and on his side has support in both these directions whereas in a flat bed all the weight must be born either by the side or the belly.

Figure 14
Shows a position in which the legs are bent at the knees and partially folded together in a position somewhat resembling the birth position which, as is recognized makes for complete relaxation of the muscles for the legs.

The original Pilates bed patent can be downloaded from here

Text and diagrams from original patent.

Scott has written an article on the bed here

If you are interested in trying out the bed I would be happy to hire it out for a week or two. Contact me pilatesbed@geoffjones.com for further details.

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