Thursday, February 27, 2003

A little bit more of the truth why Bush is so keen to get rid of Saddam. Could it be pressure from his friends in Israel. This quote from todays Globe The passing of Saddam Hussein's regime will deprive terrorist networks of a wealthy patron that pays for terrorist training and offers rewards to families of suicide bombers," Mr. Bush said, referring to Mr. Hussein's practise of giving cash to the families of Palestinian suicide attackers.

Wednesday, February 26, 2003

Interesting article from Ryanair here with how they are going to change Buzz into a low cost airline
Pleased to see that Stupid White Men won the book of the year awards here in the UK (see here).

Its certainly an excellent book, only halve way through and already Bush would be in prison if he lived in California, with the three strikes and you are out rule. And thats before he organises his turkey shoot against Iraq and here are some pictures of the 'turkey's'. which apparently have been distributed in NY.

Q. Why does USA /UK know that Saddam has weapons of mass destruction.
A. Because it gave them to Saddam to help him against war with Iran (a list is here)

Interesting if anyone writes a similar book about Blair et al. Probably be banned in UK! just as some of White Men are Stupid cannot be printed in UK.

Here is an extra chapter to the book with the alarming story of why you can still fly with butane lighters in the USA

And here is a site of links to try and make world a better place

Tuesday, February 25, 2003

here is a link to some background on where blogger came from
Big disadvantage with - only works with Uncle Bills Explorer - tells you to clear off if you try using Opera
Interesting site here for finding out about walks around England. Must continue with my walk along the UK coastline. So far walked from Scarborough to Redcar and Kings Lynn to Stiffkey (that was walking on the beach, barefoot, for two days)
Went to see The Magdalen Sisters with Tony and Roland. I found the film deeply disturbing especially after just reading Paddy Doyle's The God Squad . Its truly amazing just how evil religious institutions can be and I guess every institution (after working in a large steelworks as a boy). And then people say how bad anarchy would be! .

Monday, February 24, 2003

now has error 425 saying failed to publish. aghh
Since I turned on email update option. Its failed to post to website. Just turned it off and try again
Here's a mainstream media article worrying about the power of google. I tend to agree that its getting far to powerful and that the concept of anoymity happening just because the amount of data stored is no longer relevant. After all that is what google is go good at - mining data.
Just upgraded to blogger pro, so that I can post images etc to my blog. It seems as though as it has lost two previous entries for today!
Pretty amazing figures in this article on the market for camera phones like 25 - 50million of them in 2003
Interesting spoof article on Stelios giving Easyjet a rocket!

Sunday, February 23, 2003

Here is a interesting device spotted in the USA. Allows you to use a normal phone as a picture phone, really neat and 'only' cost $500 for a pair.
Now changed time to GMT and text colour to ffffff
Just back from Les Gets, left at 10am this morning arrived in Cambridge at 12pm. Traffic dreadful, took nearly 1 hour to get to Taninge with large delays near Bourg and at all toll's. Fantastic holiday though - bright sunshine and 100% snow coverage. The question is why do I return to Cambridge?

Thursday, February 20, 2003

Just changed template so it should be like rest of blog - here's hoping ...
Poor old Easyjet more problems with executives leaving. Its very noticable when flying that they have gone to 'big company' culture ie they know longer charge you for your mistakes. Giving you the benefit of the doubt. Stelios would never do that! Be interesting to see how they fare - not optimistic my self.
Poor old Dave at Radio Userland (my original blog site)seems a bit peeved that Google didnt approach him according to this article . Which I guess is interesting since I had almost given up on his Radio software and am now using the software. Although when I first started blogging it was the other way around.

Wednesday, February 19, 2003

And yes that did it!!!!!!!!!!!! so what I write here (or nick) is added to my website at
now cleared ftp path...
removed blogger.html from site url as test
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Tuesday, February 18, 2003

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