Tuesday, June 28, 2005

BBC NEWS | Technology | Smart eyewear for keen swimmers

Really good idea this. Notable lack of technology in swimming kit so far. I was thinking of modding a pedometer with a push off monitoring device to measure strokes, time and lengths swam.BBC NEWS | Technology | Smart eyewear for keen swimmers

Google Video Search

First video played by me using the Google video player. Awesome break dancing clip. But why is it sponsored by a company selling Scottish wills?Google Video Search

Thursday, June 23, 2005

treocentral.com >> Stories >> Commentary >> The Rob Haitani Interview

Some understatement thistreocentral.com >> Stories >> Commentary >> The Rob Haitani Interview: "Haitani: We're aware some quality-related issues about the Treo 600 have been discussed on TreoCentral, and we regret any problems customers experienced. The Treo 600 was obviously a significant redesign of the prior Treo products, so new issues arose we didn't see on the earlier products. In designing the Treo 650, we took these factors into account as we always look to improve the product. We also went to an even more leveraged model that utilized the expertise of an ODM, which resulted in the introduction of significant process and structural changes to further enhance the quality of the Treo 650 product and so far we're encouraged by the results, although we always strive to eliminate all issues. "
Taken from interview with Rob Haitani Product Design Architect for PalmOne . Lets see I have probably got through 3 treo600's in past year (aerial, buzzing twice, previously with treo270 I had around five of them aerial, speaker, crashing etc).
The big question is do I go for the Treo650 especially with all the problems Suzanne is experiencing with her 600 and the crap Palm support of their website

Tuesday, June 21, 2005

A main stream media convert - maybe?

Wow is all I really can say. I met Jenny Chapman from the Cambridge Evening News at the recent CU Entrepreneurs "Where angels Dare" Prize giving with Philip from Equity Fingerprints.

I gave her a pretty hard time over the CEN's policy towards the internet (We sell dead trees not news is their current policy) and also their complete lack of blogging nous etc.

Philip has been exchanging emails with her since the event trying to blind her with all the current buzz words. Anyway to cut a long story short Jenny has asked Karen Roem (sorry comments not enabled) to write an article in this weeks CEN about blogging (sorry no link available at the moment but check here). She then asked Philip about contributing next week. However, I thought it would be much better if she started blogging herself and amazingly she has agreed. This will be a great story for the Our Social World conference on business and blogging.

Congratulations Jenny let the blogging begin.

Friday, June 17, 2005

Los Angeles Earthquake - The Jason Calacanis Weblog - calacanis.weblogsinc.com _

This sounds a bit worrying especially since some of the comments say there have been other earthquakes recently. Hope Jason can make it to Our Social World Los Angeles Earthquake - The Jason Calacanis Weblog - calacanis.weblogsinc.com _

610 earthquakes in California in the past week see map here

Thursday, June 16, 2005

Blogging newbie?

Yesterday whilst at the somewhat outdated Internet World exhibition at Earls Court (see earlier post) I met up with Peter Martin of Junkk and evangelised about blogs and wikis. I thing he is sold on the idea as today apparently he went to hear Lloyd Davis speak about blogs at a mini seminar.

I wonder if he will visit Our Social World conference in Cambridge on blogging. Its on the 15th September 2005


The Lecture List

A neat idea that gives you a list of open lectures in the UK. Pity it doesnt seem to have a RSS feed. Wonder if they will link to Our Social World The Lecture List


A great roundup of some of the speakers at Reboot7. I found Reboot incredibly stimulating, its just so cool to be able to launch into conversations where the folks actually know what you are talking about and where some are already talking about Internet3.

Visited Internet World in London yesterday the show was so backward it was like venturing into a closed down steel mill, sticky eye balls indeed! and amazingly NO wifi access. How can these venues exist in the future? Blimey at Reboot over 50% of people were using connected laptops during the talks.

Tuesday, June 07, 2005

Creating Passionate Users: Kicking ass is more fun

Great graph showing the steps from boring to perfectflow in relationship to your skill level and how companies need to engage their customers more.

Wednesday, June 01, 2005

The blogging revolution

Picked up this article on the way to my Pilates session with Daphne in Queens Park yesterday The blogging revolution . So the Tinbasher is getting famous!

Whilst at Daphnes I cleaned up her PC a true record breaker. It had:-
81 files found by Ad-Aware
6 files found by Spy Bot (including Klez which prevented loading of AntiVir).
and a truly amazing 661 virus infected files found by AntiVir

That little lot took, with iterations, took about 4 hours.

In between, returning to the original article, I started to set Daphne up with a blog to promote her Pilates and Gyrotonic sessions in London. First problem was deciding a name for the url. After some thought we went for www.studiodaphne.com although she got cold feet later when one of her students thought it sounded like a bordello. He relented when she said she was going to do belly dancing classes as well! (Daphne is an accomplished ex-professional bellydancer).

So we await domaindirect to finalize the domain registration and create the 1GB space for the latest blog to hit the universe.
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