Thursday, April 29, 2004

Natty bit of software that allows you to upload photos rather like an instant messenger. You can set wether they are public/private etc Welcome to Flickr! . Here is their own description:-
You can use Flickr to:

* Chat and exchange photos live with your friends
* Meet people who have the same interests as you
* Stay in touch with your friends and family
* Have fun

When you invite people to join Flickr you are instantly connected to them. Invite people to join! When you click through people's profile pages to learn more about them, or search for them using their email address.

Join a group by browsing through the public groups people have already started. Or if you want to have a special group for just you and your friends, create a private group.

To benefit the most from Flickr, add more details to your profile about your interests, add a buddy icon and add photos to your gallery.

We look forward to seeing you in Flickr!

The Flickr Team
Interesting new social siteupMeetup: Organizing local interest groups.very simple interface apparently Pierre Omidyar, the founder and Chair of eBay has made an investment in it. No meetings in Cambridge yet!

Wednesday, April 28, 2004

Now been running the into my gmail account. In little over 2 hours it received 22 spam messages of which gmail only managed to filter 10 as spam. Obviously the google guys have a lot of work to do. The spam messages were very straightforward ones mailwasher would have disposed of them instantly.
On my way to posting the fact that Laurence Lessig is appearing at THe Royal Geographical Society, London SW7 at 7.30pm on the 27th May to discuss "Creative Commons in a Connected World" tickets available here for £10.75. Google kindly offered me a gmail email account, goodness knows what I will do with it maybe direct into it to see how it handles shedloads of spam.

Wednesday, April 21, 2004

Fascinating article from a great site on how many bowel ailments are caused by western style toilets and how much better squatting is for you. Sounds sensible even at a simple mechanical level. "The rectum has a built-in "kink" designed to maintain continence. It only straightens out when squatting" Your Source for Poop. Certainly the idea of the hosepipe to wash is SO much better than using loo paper. Will give it a try anyway
Here is an alternative to bluetooth called zigbee that looks very promising for home automation. Low power with a very fast wake up time. Time to get into the home automation business me thinks FAQs

Tuesday, April 20, 2004

Here is a wiki on how to make money from blogging, although personally I do it for fun

Friday, April 16, 2004

Amazing store of a new motor that can generate more power than you put in, so there will be no need for nuclear power stations soon? It will be interesting to follow this - Technology - Magnetic Fan in Japan - Japanese Magnetic Fan

Thursday, April 15, 2004

Thanks to Chris Rand for this - Powerful tool for creating web surveys. Online survey software made easy! Pretty useful software for generating surveys. Maybe we should send one out to Cortex customers.

Thursday, April 08, 2004

Who says IKEA doesnt have a sense of humour. The new FartyG bathroom light IKEA Furniture Stores Australia

Wednesday, April 07, 2004

Oh boy this beats building speakers into concrete pipes like my brother did or building sand filled corner enclosures like Stan and I did. This guy is SERIOUS about speakers he excavated a hole 1 metre deep and made a horn 9.5 metres long custom3

That some audio system! Pity the neighbours

Monday, April 05, 2004

Just had an email from this guy:-
Good day , This is Mr Raphael smith from olivestores and i will like to place an order from your store and i want to let you know that am whole saler in my country so i want you to give me a best price and here are the item below Code S125 200 PIECES
so i want you to total all the cost of the order with US EXPRESS MAIL Shipment to my store Addrees 19 amu street,mushin,lagos,23401,Nigeria. so that i can email you back my credit card info for all the cost .
Mr Raphael smith

Typed his name into google and up pops this, on a comments site:-

Khans Island Sauce-Feedback: "Good day Sales, this Mr raphael smith , i will liike to place an order from your store and also i want to let you know that am whole saler in my country so i want you to give a best price and here all the items below Item #00020 40 pieces so i want you to total all the cost with shipment US Express Mail service so that i can email you my credit card data shipping address is 19 amu street,mushin,lagos,23401,Nigeria and the phone number is 2348033971788 Mr Raphael smith"

Strange how a guy can be interested in hot chilli sauce and stepper motor controllers! wonder what the scam is!

Saturday, April 03, 2004

Spoken English - FreeCultureGreat WIKI of Lawrence Lessig’s Free Culture book including MP3's . The nbook is very very good especially the stories about FM radio and the Phonograph with a really good bit about how photography would never have taken off if you had to get the permission of the person who owned the scene you wanted to photograph (Like me getting stopped for taking a photo of Attila Csörgö work in Kettles Yard yesterday)
Neat idea for recycling in your home cityFreecycle by using a yahoo group

Thursday, April 01, 2004

Wow, I hope this isnt an April Fool. But this guy has a new Treo ::: are you my friend? yes - no with blutooth and high res camera. Fantastic
OK OK I was done at least it was before midday!
Heres rather a cool device for home networking, Nobu, LLC. - 12.5" in wall PC with Touchscreen: "12.4' IN WALL TOUCH-SCREEN PC - N12WTS" probably better than the old laptop that I use in the kitchen at home here
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