Monday, June 30, 2003

Interesting how the cigarette companies are circumventing the advertising ban. The local shop (Nasareen Dha) is now having a new till area complete with a large cigarette display - all sponsored by the cigarette companies.

Friday, June 27, 2003

Thank you Raed for providing a link to a new Iraqi blogger, Zainab. I liked Raed description of her as a wmoan. Interesting about how burglars use grenades in Iraq and the guy who blew his leg off by carrying one in his pocket!

Thursday, June 19, 2003

More on the SCO/LINUX saga here is what a certail Bill Baxter predicted in 2000 Bill Baxter - Subject: Not Open Source, I'm afraid. ( Feb 23, 2000, 00:01:50 )
Note that these releases are not open source. SCO retain rights to the source code. Maybe they even hope that some of their code will wind up in linux, so that they can then sue, and render the Linux license terms invalid. Or would they be that spiteful? My guess == yes
And here is my new phone - when they are released in the autumn. loads of improvements over my existing treo270. Especially inbuilt mp3 player and camera. also ability to record conversations. it looks a winner to me. No wonder Palm wanted to buy Handspring!
More on the SCO story here apparently these guys have a history of buying old code and suing people even suing microsoft over sone DOS code and winning. Doesnt bode well for the Linux community especially since Microsoft are now behind them.

Wednesday, June 11, 2003

Very bad news for the world of Linux. First Microsoft pay SCO a fortune for a UNIX license followed very smartishly by SCO suing everyone in Linux world for stealing their code (which apparently they never owned!).
Now we hear that Microsoft have just bought GeCad for their anti-virus software. However, it just so happens that GeCAD are very big in Linux server world "GeCAD was one one of the Linux investors (10:42am EST Wed Jun 11 2003)
I don't know how many of you people know that RAV Antivirus was specializing in Linux Mail Servers protection. Moreover, it seems that they "own" this market, so they became to bother Micro$oft's plans on the Exchange mail servers side. The rest is to be supposed... - by miucosofonor

So now we know how Microsoft are setting out to try and destroy the Linux community - Lets pray they fail

Monday, June 09, 2003

Really good new here about the Polish people voting overwhelmingly to join the EU. I firmly believe that the 'new' countries joining will revitalise the EU, excellent skilled but very cheap young labour has to be a recipe for economic growth. Heres hoping that Czech and Slovakia have similar results in there referenda.
So Salam Pax is Real! apparently he worked for a US journalist Peter Maass in the the Iraqi war. Here is the story. Sounds an interesting guy.
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