Wednesday, April 30, 2003

And here is a tip that works. If you get shocks from static buildup from things like running machines or walking in nylon carpeted areas. Clench your fist and touch the earthed metal object etc with your knuckle. You will discharge your static safely with no irritating belt!

Tuesday, April 29, 2003

Sadly the statistic about sexual assaults in London by minicab drivers seems to be depressingly true extract from here The new statistics reveal that there have been 150 recorded rapes and sexual assaults by minicab drivers this year, compared to 66 four years ago. Police believe that the true figure is probably up to 10 times greater due to the 'serious under reporting' of such assaults. This was 2001
Interesting statistic, if its true, Last year 214 women were sexually assaulted by unlicensed taxi drivers in the capital(London). A new service is been promoted to allow you to phone the cab direct by this outfit ZingoTaxi although at 1.60 a call its sounds a tad expensive. Full story here. The number to call is 08700 700 700 and apparently it is set up by the makers of the London Cabs an interesting example of vertical integration! I think I need to check those assault figures though!

Crikey just read Zingo is a 50 strong team who are burning their way through 8million pounds. Thats a lot of calls at 1.60 a pop!

Monday, April 28, 2003

Now Easyjet get in the neck from a passenger who has set up a Easyjet sucks website here and also a blog here. Interestingly the problem seems to have occured on one of the old Go routes. As previously expounded on my blogs I am sure that Go will be the death of Easyjet.
Today added a rather nice bizarre page to my website were I can add pictures of the all loo locks that I encounter in my travels. I am always amazed just how diverse such a simple object can be,

Sunday, April 27, 2003

and the sunday times today gives the real risks of living in UK today:
The real risks are:-
Currently in the UK there are around 250,000 smokingrelated deaths each year (source here)
190,000 Cancer deaths a year
132,000 Heart disease deaths a year
60,000 Stroke deaths a year
4,000 Flu deathe a year on average
3,400 Road accident deaths a year
1,200 MRSA (hospital infection) deaths a year
1,050 Murders a year
155 HIV deaths a year
0 Sars deaths recorded
Interesting about the flu killing more than road accidents.

Thursday, April 24, 2003

I hear the major involved in the Millionaire scam has been offered a job flogging cough sweets. Story here. Great!

Saturday, April 19, 2003

And a story on what could happen if another 20th century marvel were to pack up, thats the GPS system apparently 18 outof the 28 satellites are past there use by date. oops see here
A wonderful story here on how the SARS virus was found in record time by the worldwide cooperation of laboratories. The internet is truly wonderful. How could you co-operate over 10 countries without it! We all have so much to thank the pioneers notably Tim Berners Lee

Tuesday, April 01, 2003

Paul from our accountants PEM took my co-director, Nick and I to lunch at The Felix in the restaurant called Graffiti, although the last thing you will find within 1 mile of restaurant is Graffitti. Very pleasant time although two hours is a bit of a rush (I foolishly had appointment at dentist)

Nick had idea that alcohol should be added to tap water (like fluoride etc) to make people happier. my old friend Colin afterwards pointed out this out:
whiskey is short for Uische Beathe - water of life, vodka means water of life - brandy in french is eau de vie - yes you've guessed it water of life
A story to bring tears to ones eyes about a daft welshman who took 6 million rubber bands (from the post office I bet!) over 5 years made a ball and then dropped it from a mile high to see if it would bounce. Did it? full story here
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