Thursday, April 06, 2006

One day in the life of my blog.

Yesterday I inserted the code that Statcounter gave me so that I can track site visitors. Tons of interesting information and graphs.
This pie chart shows the percentage of visitors who stayed for varying lengths of time.

Visit Length
drill down25Less than 5 secs
drill down2From 5 secs to 30 secs
drill down4From 30 secs to 5 mins
drill down3From 5 mins to 20 mins
drill down1From 20 mins to an hour
drill down2Longer than an hour

Other information was that I had 67 visitors yesterday and the most visited page was my write up of the technology2.0 event with 25 visits. The most used search expression was pees on earth. With 9 out of 13 using google for search. 69% of visitors were from the UK and 31% from the USA. 33% used Firefox and 55% using IE
However, the free version only tracks 100 visits, should I upgrade!


Simon said...

Or use Google Analytics, which is free and unlimited (from what I can tell). I've got similar stats from that, and it works quite well.

10:10 AM  
Quentin said...

I use Statcounter too, and like it, but I often wonder how many readers I have who just read the RSS feed, which it won't measure, I don't think. If people click from the feed to the actual blog, you'll get 'em....

8:14 PM  

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