Monday, April 10, 2006

The blogosphere today (maybe)

Two takes on the role of the blogosphere.

First post by Morgan McLintic reflects on Dale Wolf's post based on people who are subscribed to rss feeds on Bloglines where apparently there are "only" 36,000 feeds with more than 29 subscribers. Personally I think this is a gross under estimate. As off the people I know who read blogs etc only one (apart from me) use RSS aggregators. Also I suspect Bloglines is very USAcentric whereas blogging isn't.

Second post is on The maturing of the blogosphere by Mary Hodder which uses link counting as an indication of popularity particularly on the relationship between inbound and outbound links. with 4 blogs having more than 10,000 links.

Interesting how both exhibit similar long tail effects so vividly. With millions of people having just a few links or a few readers. But the fact is people are gradually turning away from big media and spending more time on their own media.
/>Which to me as a true anarchist is excellent.


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