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Programme Notes and links

I will be appearing on a programme on BBC Radio5 Sunday October 2nd at 10.30am
The show is presented by Julien Worricker .
Appearing are Saira Khan, Suw Charman, Julien Pain – Sans Frontieres, Paris, Geoff Jones .

The broadcast will last hour approx and I should be speaking at about 10.40am.  

The approximate order of events will be:

Intro to subject

Setting up Saira’s blog

Intro to Suw

Meeting the bloggers in London (Me +Lloyd)

Psychology behind blogging (David Lewis)

Blogging and how it is changing the way we receive and report news – This will be me. What I should have said with the benefit of hindsight is at WeMedia . Other items I didnt get  chance to mention are RSS feeds, News AggregatorsPubsub, Bloglines, Newsgator, Technorati  a list of Geoff Jones's personal  newsfeeds (Blogroll) can be found by clicking here)

Blogging and business – Suw Charman

Dangers of blogging/libel

Blogging on an international scale / freedom of speech issues – Julien Pain

Final thoughts from all guests about how blogging will impact our lives in the future.

The programme is been produced by  Clare Chadburn of  All Out Productions

Clare Chadburn & Saira Khan

Clare Chadburn & Saira Khan at the Meetup in London


Text (c) Geoff Jones 2007

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