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Biking Kandy to Ramboda on LifeDay 25,404

Raputan Fruit

A bit later start this morning as Benjamin’s mum had made breakfast for us plus I helped him fix his bike so he is mobile again. my first WarmShowers stay although I have hosted 3 couples back in Cambridge.

Bad news was that Three send me a text to say I had used 80% of my monthly roaming allowance in 13 days 🙁 plus I’ve also used up all the data I bought from Hutch on my dongle. So navigation today was just on the Etrex20, which I must say works really well, as long as you download the route into the NAV folder before setting off.

From the house it’s downhill all the way to the university and then on pleasant side roads to the A5, I would imagine it was quiet due to the 25% hill which is probably to much for the trucks & buses 🙂

Raputan Fruit
The various teas

The A5 was busy and hilly 🙁 I stopped at a roadside vendor selling the very attractive Raputan red spiky fruit. I bought 5 from him, very delicious. Continuing on I came across the Storefield Tea Factory. After a cuppa of breakfast tea the guide then gave me a whistle stop tour of the old dryers, crushers, sieves and a quick explanation of all the names etc. Amusing to see the dust destined for tea bags and local consumption. Now I was ‘expert’  i ordered up a Golden Tea – delicious 🙂 This where you need a follow up van so you can buy stuff.

Mountains and tea plants

The hill then started big time so an ice cream was called for! The scenery is amazing with the mountains and green tea bushes in serried ranks as far as the eye can see. I fancied another cuppa and followed the sign but alas it was just a very rough track leading to the office and school for the workers kids etc all very colonial 🙂

Rain showers starting to occur more frequently so I stopped of at the Thuruliya Lodge to have a drink and admire the spectacular value I had just ridden up. The rain got worse so I took one of their rooms and called it a day after 33 miles and 3000 feet of climbing

The Photos are here and Strava here

The forecast looks awful for the next few days and it’s still hammering it down causing the electric to periodically die. Tomorrows ride takes me up to 2000 metres.


Biking from Heritance Kandalama to Kandy on Lifeday 25,403

I couldn’t face the breakfast or it’s price so I was on the road before 7.  After 6 hours of OK sleep in my ginormous bed.

First stop was the Golden Buddha in Danbulla it really is magnificent, I even walked upto the Rock Temple stupidly taking my GPS which then had the effect of reducing my cycle speed 🙁  After the walk I had a breakfast including ice cream 🙂 in their restaurant, watching the bus loads of tourists arrive.

I then dropped into the museum next door which has replicas of all the cave painting, interesting to see the prehistoric looking very similar to the Creswell ones.

Buffalo Curd

Then onwards and upwards! the next food stop was when I saw every stall selling buffalo curd in lovely stone pots, I woofed a whole one down laced with wild honey – delicious.

Further on I kept seeing these ‘herb gardens’ eventually the curiosity got to me and I stopped at Sirilak Spice & Herbal garden outside Matale. Fantastic one to one guide who described each plant and its uses in Ayurvedic treatments. He tried the Herbal depilatory on me and I’m pleased to say I now have a coin sized area free of hair 🙂 the active ingredient is apparently lime skins. Then he said did I want a back and head massage  with their Red Oil & Herbal Balm – what a daft question to ask me! Lovely 🙂 free for a tip to the masseur guy. Gardeners would find it fascinating especially because they get two crops a year.

Then onto Kandy, goodness me almost as bad as Colombo for traffic 🙁 also quite a lot of time out pale faced kids here. Obviously a must be aLonely Planet place.

After another ice cream I departed for my WarmShowers host Benjamin who I’ve now discovered lives on top of a 600metre high hill 🙁 The room is basic but his mum cooked me a lovely rice dish. The rice is cooked with coconut milk.

Tomorrow I move on to what looks like a 2000 metre climb.

The Strava is here

and pictures here