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Portinatx to Cala Boix. Lifeday 25,282

Cala de Sant Vicent
Cala de Sant Vicent

What a gorgeous day and how I enjoy cycling in the warm sun 🙂 I didn’t even mind the close on a thousand feet climb that starts the minute you hop on the bike! My climb time was 38:30 whereas the KOM is nearly 25 mins faster but then I guess he isn’t lugging the kitchen sink up with him and I would guess considerably younger 🙂 Great fun though

The Giri Cafe guidelines
The Giri Cafe guidelines

Then a short descent into the very upmarket Sant Joan town and the lovely Giri Cafe selling its ‘volcanic purity’ water whatever that means – volcanoes to me mean sulphurous smells 🙁

At the top you get the pleasure of the 5 mile descent into Cala Sant Vincent with its huge hotel as a backdrop to the beach 🙁  I didn’t stop but continued along to the Cala Boix hostal where I’m staying for some reason the beach has been left largely untouched apart from a cafe. So I may go for a swim later.

My Strava says a whopping 16.5 miles covered and 2,057 feet of ascent 🙂 but still an excellent ride,

All my lovely pics are here on Dropbox

My thoughts however reach out to poor Aleks Kashefi yomping his way through Scandinavia to try and reach the sun in Spain 🙂

and here’s my heart rate stuff:


Touring Ibiza – Lifeday 25,281

Cala Vedella
Cala Vedella

Oh dear lost track of which touring day I’m on 🙂 Senility is creeping in and anyway does it really matter?

I’m now doing a very leisurely tour of Ibiza. The island is  about 100 miles around and I have a week before I have to jet back to the UK to take my whole family, 4 grandkids, 3 kids and 3 spouses plus Sally & I,  to Butlins for a fun filled half term break.

I’m going clockwise from Ibiza Town which actually in Spanish is called Elvissa. The first stop was at San Antoni which is the second town of Ibiza & famous for its sunsets. With the British its famous for the Irish Bar  and other home comforts like Bacon & Egg breakfasts with beer, totally different atmosphere to the more dignified Ibiza Town. For me the most awesome thing was having a true 50MB Down & Up internet at Hostal Mari where I stayed 🙂 I enjoyed the ride, the road was in excellent condition but quite hilly. Strava made it 2384 feet of climbing in 30 miles

Yesterday it was a 800 foot  climb straight out of San Antoni on my way to the northern tip of the island at Portinatx with a total of 3143 feet in the 27 miles. I dropped down to Port de San Miguel to get in some more climbing and take a peek at another bay. The roads were good and pretty empty. In Portinatx I had booked into an ‘all inclusive’ Apartamentos Club Paradise Beach. A bit dated place with a pretty rubbish internet connection, especially with 50+ teenagers hanging off it.  It must have been a gorgeous cove in the past, think I’m about 50 years late visiting here.

The photos are here now I’ve sorted dropbox out