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First 1000 mile Europe trip roundup

The first 1,000 miles of biking.(Sea crossings extra)
The first 1,000 miles of biking.(Sea crossings extra)

I’ve now cycled 1,051 miles on this latest trip and ascended 31,615 feet according to Strava. The elevation gain is slightly more than one Everest.

I’ve cycled on18 days in the 26 days since I left home.Giving an average of 58 miles per day and 1,756 feetof ascent. The missing days were travelling to and fro Cambridge/Kings Lynn

So far it’s been amazingly enjoyable with good weather apart from the Southerly headwind and a jhalf day of rain.

Spain seems to be a great place for touring with some very inexpensive places to stay and lots of accommodation and bars.

Tomorrow I continue towards Valencia which I should reach on Sunday. For some reason ferries to Ibiza are half the price than from Denia even though the crossing is nearly twice as long.

Once on Ibiza I aim to tour the island and maybe to go to a all nighter or two, if the clubs are still open. Plus I’ve got to find somewhere to leave the bike for when I go home to take the twelve of us to Butlins 🙂 Then I’m returning with Sally so she can see the delights of Ibiza and and some of Valencia for a few days

Day24 Zaragoza to Baguena Lifeday 25,274

Ryanair over the Ebro River coming into to Zaragoza
Ryanair over the Ebro River coming into to Zaragoza

The more observant of you may wonder what happened to Day23, the answer is not much! I basically I flew back out to Zaragoza on Ryanair for considerably less than the flight the other way! Just as well I called in at home as the central heating had deflated so when Nest told it to wake up nothing would have happened 🙁  The flight back was uneventful except for getting some great aerial pics 🙂 The taxis refused to take me to the hotel (to close I suspect) so told me to to get on the bus instead, The Hotel Diagonal Plaza is OK except for lack of staircases and a shower like in a second rate British B&B 🙁 Their dinner was nothing to write home about either.

The Imperial Canal
The Imperial Canal

So today it was Geoff meeting the Sistema Ibérico mountain range with it’s over 3000 feet passes 🙁  I left Zaragoza on a very stony path alongside The Canal Imperial de Aragón before hitting the really quiet N-330 road, lots of road bikers around all of them happily waving to me. Compare and contrast to Germany 🙂

I noticed that the front light was looking rather limp, poor things bracket had suffered metal fatigue and sheared in two 🙁 I started searching the industrial estates for the likes of McKays but to no avail. Eventually at a garage I worked out a scheme using ty-raps to hold it in place until the next bumpy track.

Then it was the major climbs, really interesting to see how the road has grown over the years, as I crawled up, from a twisty track to the highway I was on to the motorway zooming over my head

1-2016-10-07-15-11-19The town of Daroca is quite stunning with its castle and medieval centre, should have stopped there but I had booked the Albergue in the next village at Baguena.

A great days biking in excellent weather. Strava says I did 67.9 miles and 3,285 feet of climbing and I’m well pleased with the 11mph too, given the stony track & cruising around industrial estates 🙂

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