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Jetpack email subscription

I would love to know the reason why of my 173 email subscribers only 1 is an identifiable person! Is it some sort of spammers paradise generated by Jetpack?Here is a selection:-

groovyardor670ki38 6 days, 6 hours ago 6 days, 8 hours ago 6 days, 9 hours ago

The last twoe appears on spamlists like here So it looks like it’s best to avoid Jetpac’s Email signup option!

Anyway I’ve deleted it now although there doesn’t seem any way of clearing the existing people.

Rest day in Stung Treng & some trip statistics

I’ve now been away for 23 days in SE Asia. Cycling for 15 of them and covering, according to Strava,  1.016 miles with an ascent of 33,843 feet  and 841.5 hours in the saddle. I’ve covered about 1/3 of the total distance to Singapore! So I’ve awarded myself a total rest day here in Stung Treng before taking the ferry across the mighty Mekong  River to Angkor Wat,  Bangkok and down the peninsula to Singapore. Although quite how I’m going to manage in this heat is anyones guess. A bike mehanic in cream trousers!Today’s puzzles are: how can a bike mechanic stay so immaculately dressed in cream trousers and pale shirt whilst fixing my puncture, I was covered in grease just by watching him at work 🙁  Another puzzle is how the guys running The Riverside restaurant & guesthouse (where I moved to this morning) manage it  seemingly with no effort, whereas others guest house owners make it all seem so much work! So with the puncture fixed, pedals sorted, handlebar tape fixed & more tape on the saddle plus a visit hairdressers today  for a cut & shave for £1. I’m ready to start again. But must buy more water 🙂