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Remote blogging

Last night I tried to set up another Posterous account so I could post here. However, apparently you can only post to one site with each email address so no joy with that then, as I already use Posterous with !

I’m now trying to use the iPhone wordpress app, which rather annoyingly just lost my words of wisdom whilst trying to attach a photo! Rule number one from the past, save and then save again before attempting anything!

Haven’t succeeded in adding any links yet 🙁

So here is my view from Wetherspoons at Gatwick (must save NOW)

Biking with Bikely

Today whilst researching my upcoming bike ride down the length of The Rhine I came across the website Bikely, this amazingly allows you to trace over Google Maps and generate gpx files that my Garmin understands. I can thus plan the whole 1000mile route and let the Garmin Etrex behave like a TomTom device to tell me where to go. Bikely can even follow roads and thus create really accurate files.

An even better discovery was that the user “MockCyclist” had even created a map with the whole route plotted. A fantastic starting point, I’m now modifying his file to cut out the ferries that MockCyclist had used in Rotterdam and some other points on The Rhine.

I’m going to start from where I finished last year, My apartment in Les Gets, probably around the 7th July. I have to be back for my birthday on the 28th!

Here is the route so far:-

Geoff’s Rhine trip

Share your bike routes @

All 1000 miles of it!