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Hunting Pingo’s in Norfolk

Today 10 of us set out, ably led by Ron & Margaret, on the Cambridge Rambling Club’s A team walk. It was a 40 mile trip from Cambridge to the start in Hockham Picnic site car park.

We were out to spot Pingo’s although according to Wikipedia they are actually collapsed Pingo’s although personally I kept thinking of Isla’s favourite cartoon pingu!

A very enjoyable walk with many April showers. Here is the walk on Everytrail:-

Hunting Pingo\’s in Norfolk

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A day in the woods with Cambridge Rambling club

Today’s Cambridge Rambling Club ‘A’ team ramble was led by Vera. 12 of us set off from Toft (well actually from Gresham Road, Cambridge).

Twas a gorgeous sunny day with lots of blossom on the trees with cowslips and a few bluebells making their 2010 appearance. We wended our way from Toft through Great Eversden, Kingston Wood and then lunch in Bourn churchyard, followed by a drink at the very trendy Willow tree pub where are numbers grew to 13 with the addition of a recent Nobel Prize winner 🙂 then along Bourn brook and onwards to Hardwick wood.

A great day out and many thanks to Vera to organising it.

Toft Circular Walk with Cambridge Rambling Club at EveryTrail

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Word This in Chrome

An experiment in using the Word This extension in the Chrome browser.

I started on my Flickr homepage, so this is the link  it auto added to the post

Flickr: Your Photostream.

Now lets add an image

Wow that was neat! & quick

Seems pretty good for adding posts about a website.

However, it seems to lose the post if you change the webpage mid stream 🙁

One thing about Chrome is the extensions are installed instantly! So far I’ve added XMarks, Lazarus, Evernote, Google Mail and of cause Word This.

Maybe I will convert from Firefox which seems to be getting slow and crashes quite often…..

ps I forgot to add a title 🙁 it defaulted to the inserted link, manually changed it now

Bradfield Wood circular walk with Cambridge Rambling Club

Today we were back with the Cambridge Rambling Club A team for a walk led by Debbie. It was a bit of a jaunt to the starting place, 35miles from Cambridge! but 17 of us made it to the start. With me giving my shorts the first airing of the year!.

Twas a glorious spring day with a cold wind, spring is well upon us now in evidence with the lambs & kids in the fields plus all the blossom and the leaves starting to appear,  In fact as the day went on it seemed more blossom was appearing by the minute.

Lunch was at Beyton which interestingly still has a 1950’s kids playground with the original Wicksteed roundabout and swings all of which are distant memories in Cambridge, due to the health & safety gestapo prohibiting them!

An interesting walk especially seeing the coppicing in action at Bradfields Wood, although the products seemed quite expensive to me, Hazel bean poles at £8.75 for 10 and Hazel pea sticks at £4.25 a bunch!

Here is the walk on Everytrail. Poor Debbie was a bit upset that the walked turned out slightly longer than her little map measuring wheel had indicated!

Bradfields Woods circular walk

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