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Word of the day – Pightle

Whilst on our walk today we came across this farm with the name The Pightle, Larry and I were fascinated by the origin of the name so out came the iPhone and a quick search on wiktionary revealed:-
“Odd-shaped fields now caused problems which had not been encountered in the days before mechanization. Thus, over several years, fields were reorganized to be acceptably rectangular.This was cleverly and thoughtfully arranged but,inevitably, there were remnants, leftovers,off-cuts or tailings. In most cases, these were small pieces of land,which were essentially triangular in shape. The locals probably referred to these pieces as “pigtails”. In Norfolk dialect,this would quickly become pronounced as “pightle”. In the 1920’s through the 1940’s,the word pightle was in fairly common usage but has fallen into disuse in recent years.

Once at home I was able to consult my 1909 first edition of the complete English Dictionary. this had the following entry:-
So there we have it an old East Anglian word dating from 1200 meaning a small piece of enclosed land.

Thanks to Rosemary, one of my readers, I now have a section from an enclosure map for Westhorpe, Suffolk  the map was dated 1840 and is showing a pightle.Pightle pasture

Travel blogging in Cambridge

Today’s travel blog is a ramble with the Cambridge Rambling Club. We did  a 14mile figure of 8 centered in Newport, Essex.

It was an warm autumn day, exactly 3 years since I met Sally on the fateful Nar Valley walk. The colours on the trees were truly splendid, especially when the sun came out and even the overcast skies gave a feeling of the dark winter nights which are about to descend on us. Much talk about log fires and stoves.

I was very surprised to hear Vera’s amazing news that her husband, Venkatraman Ramakrishnan, had just won the Nobel prize for Chemistry, here in Cambridge, and that they are about to visit the King and Queen of Sweden in Stockholm to collect the award and also will meet Barack Obama. An interesting aside for all those that want to curb immigration etc is that he was born in Chidambaram, Tamil Nadu, India emigrated to the USA and now lives in England, in fact he has only been at Trinity College, Cambridge for about 18months, who no doubt will collect all the kudos. 🙂

An excellent day out maybe we can get Murray Newlands to start walking and compliment his blogging skills!

Here is today’s outing on Everytrail:-

Newport, Essex, UK circular walk

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