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Cambridge to Les Gets the final map.

After much effort with dodgy computers I’ve stitched together all 10 days of my travel to Les Gets. Joost at Everytrail listened to their customers and have now enabled importing pictures from Picasa. So here is the trip with all the photos beautifully geotagged. The GPS data is down to street level so you can see every turn and mistake I made.

Unfortunately the GPS height data is very ‘noisy’ and Everytrail doesnt seem to have any statistical smoothing,  so the ascent/descent numbers are  wildly out. It says I climbed 57,653 feet and descended 56,402 feet 🙁 (Although the overall effect is not bad as it implies I’m at 1251 feet whereas I’m at 3800 feet) However, the trip profiles are correct.

The cyclometer displayed a distance of 779 miles and the GPS 801 miles, The boat covered 21 miles where i didn’t pedal 🙂 So pretty amazingly the correlation was spot on!

The moving average for the whole trip was 10.7mph and the overall average including stops when travelling was 7.9mph. So my biking is just over 3 times faster than me walking!

Here it is:-

Cambridge to Les Gets bike ride

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I made it to Les Gets on my bike!

On the Tenth day I made it to Les Gets by 4pm. Two Cols climbed with  a total ascent of over 6000 feet (two Ben Nevis’s nearly) and a distance of 70 miles. Not bad at all, the total journey came in at 779miles.

The weather stayed fine so I managed to stay warm the N5 was not to busy so not as scary as I thought and the mega descent to Lake Geneva was great as the route is not used by trucks.

Now to work out how to get home! Here is todays trip:-

Day10 – Morez to LesGets

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Day9 Dole to Morez

A day in the Haut Jura. Dominated by the torrential rain and my freezing feet. They became blocks of ice on the descent into Morez through driving rain, my only thought became on how to get into a red hot bath asap.

I stopped at 61 miles with 1947m of ascent for the day. A lot of the trip was on the N5 not as bad as it sounds, as the carriageway is quite a bit wider than the D roads still it seemed funny to be finishing at 3.30pm.

Hopefully I can make it to Les Gets tomorrow, especially if I can get some plastic bags to wrap my feet in, it’s about 65 miles but with some pretty big ascents!. It’s Cathy’s last night in the apartment, so if I’m lucky I could get some food 😉

Day9 Dole to Morez

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Day8 Langres to Dole

One week ago I was biking with Sally down the River Lee and the Regents canal with a wonderful welcome at Daphne’s. 647 miles later I’ve been cycling on my own down the Canal de la Marne a la Saône and Saône river and am now listening to screaming French kids at the Pizz Up restaurant.

Last night I stayed in the faded excellence of the La Post hotel in Langres with the receptionist who refused to budge on the €75 rack rate. Tonight it was a machine that charged me €32 for a key to my room at a F1 hotel in Dole with no power points in the room and vending machines in the corridor.

Today was lovely and flat apart from where the Balesmes tunnel was blocked to cyclists and I had to carry my bike up the steps and cycle down overgrown paths plus up a great hill. Tomorrow it’s The Jura.

And now to devour my Pom Pizz Up Plus at that centre of culinary excellence in Dole. Pizz Up restaurant!

Day8 Langres to Dole

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