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Iphone internet access

As wonderful as the iPhone is you still need a connection to the outside world.

Here in Samara there are a couple of Internet places offering wifi at 1000 colones per hour (about £1.50) not sure how they define an hour for a mobile device!

Or maybe I could use the local I.C.E mobile operator although it’s not showing an Edge or 3G connectivity on the iPhone display and anyway O2 would want at least £6 per MB.

Which leaves trying to find some altruistic person leaving their wifi open. So far I’ve found two, both hotels. I was kicked out of the first one whilst trying to buy a drink for 3000 colones which I thought was a bit weird as I would happily promote his hotel for free, PR which would be priceless – alas not to be 🙁
The second hotel I will wait and see….

It strikes me there is a need for an open wifi system that only allows iPhones to access – since the iPhone ( in the form sold by Apple) is really only a low usage user. so places could display an apple to show they are iPhone friendly.

Time to go sniffing this time for dinner!!

I can recommend the wifitrak application by the way to sniff out networks.