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Local life

Had an incredible nights sleep on my boardlike bed, the secret is a quick shower then straight to bed so the latent heat of vaporization cools you down. It’s great to be woken by the squealer birds, just wish I wasn’t so stiff when I woke up. Need to do my pilates again. I visited the local Pilates place here but with all the free weights around, didn’t look like my kinda place.

I really love exploring new places, and could easily live here for awhile, just wish I could speak the local lingo, although my sign language & smile usually gets me what I want.

The town is not busy today, Good Friday is obviously a big deal here, although it was a very motley group parading behind the cross! So maybe it isn’t the religious centre of Costa Rica!

Today I’m meeting up with Evelyne & Mathias from Switzerland who sold up and have been touring the old British Dominions since January. Would be rather neat as a package tour concept. Tour the red bits of The World,. My Britanica 1890 edition would be ideal as the tour guide 🙂

Finished my Cafe Negro (not cafe solo here) so back to the beach.

I’m using the iPhone WordPress application in offline mode, just had major system lockup trying to attach an image 🙁

Thrown out of the original hotel, the owner refused to sell as drinks and switched the wifi off!!

Found another open link now – this time will keep it’s location secret 🙂