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Boarding in Les Gets

Today has been glorious here in Les Gets, bright sunshine helping to offset the -8 degrees temperatures.
I took my board out for a 28mile ride going up 13 lifts totalling about 3 vertical miles of ascent 🙂 Top speed recorded on the GPS was 34.7mph. I felt really comfortable motoring along, either I’m getting better or the snow is real good. The LH K2 binding is still a bit of a struggle to clamp in – maybe I need more stretching exercises to get down there easier!

Here is the Everytrail and photos. :-

Boarding in Les Gets

Widget powered by EveryTrail: GPS Geotagging

Out here I’m using my old Toshiba Tablet So I’ve had to install GPicSync to geotag the pictures from my Olympus SP560UZ.