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Local lady makes good!

Cambridge Evening News

Congratulations to Boni for being recognised by the Queen and The Establishment,

Former News journalist Boni Sones, 54, of Fair Street, Cambridge,
is made an OBE for services to broadcasting and public relations.

Ms Sones, who helped set up BBC News 24, said: “I am absolutely thrilled
and tearful. There haven’t been many journalists who have been honoured by the
Queen. I am a hard-bitten journalist but this is very emotional.”

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Meldreth to Cambridge Walk

Today I was invited out on a walk by Caroline & Ray. We caught the train to Meldreth and then did the 18+mile walk back to Cambridge via Wimpole, Kingston, Hardwick and Coton. Interestingly this is the first time I have ever walked back to Cambridge in the past I’ve always walked away and then returned on the train. For today’s walk this had the huge advantage of having the sun behind us all day. Whereas on my last walk with Sally the sun was in our eyes for most the day, very uncomfortable at this time of the year when the sun is at such a low angle in the sky.

However, due to our speed of travel and stops at a couple of pubs we ended up walking from Coton in the dark – lovely clear skies and a very bright moon and Venus – but hazardous with the cyclists.

Here’s the walk with photographs.

Meldreth to Cambridge Walk

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and here is the elevation and speed profile:-

Elevation (blue) and speed (green) profile Meldreth to Cambridge
Elevation (blue) and speed (green) profile Meldreth to Cambridge

Welney visit

Sally has been going on and on about seeing the swan feeding at the Welney Wildfowl & Wetlands Trust 🙂

So today was the chosen, freezing cold,day, we picked up Ellee, in the midst of writing her secret book, and drove out to the hides.

After getting over the shock of paying over £11 for the two of us (Ellee is a member so gets in free) we settled into the freezing cold hide to wait for the midday feed. The moment arrived and er well that was it – a few swans and ducks sailed over as they do when you get the bread out at Newnham playground. But the hordes of migratory swans on the horizon couldn’t have cared less, obviously if you have flown a few hundred miles from the arctic you aren’t going to mingle with the local Hoi polloi.

All a tad disappointing. However, Ellee gave us some delicious home made soup on our return and we had a lovely hot bath at home 🙂 🙂

Visit to Welney Wildfowl and Wetland Trust

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Jim. Sally says please leave the names of the ducks etc in the comments andI will modify the photograph titles.

Boxing day barrel rolling at Grantchester

After yesterdays gluttony we just had to have a semi decent walk today, for some reason I wanted to walk to Grantchester, in hindsight because I had seen the signs for the annual barrel rolling in Grantchester last week!.

However, I had completely forgotten about that when we set off! I was also wanting to try the new start/end route for my Scholars Way Cambridge/Oxford walk using the permissive paths from Grantchester to Barton.

This is the route we took. 13.5miles in lovely winter sunshine.

Boxing day walk & barrel rolling in Grantchester

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And here is a great shot of an ace barrel roller:-

Top notch barrel roller
Top notch barrel roller