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Having another Geoff Day

Mia wanted some help with her English to Finnish film translation work. Em suggested the use of Urban Dictionary which is really very good especially for finding out current meaning of your name, we discovered that bingham is a fat lady  not the place in Nottingham where my sister lived 😉

Emily in The Urban Dictionary
Emily in The Urban Dictionary

She also rather liked the definition for Emily! Although I prefer the Geoff day.

Having a Geoff Day
Having a Geoff Day

We will leave Sally to post what her name means 😉

New iPhone wordpress application

Just trying out writing a post using the new free WordPress application on the iPhone. Seems very neat so far.
Crashed when trying to add a picture and posted multiple blank posts 🙁 Now trying with no pictures!

Cambridge property going South….

Cheffins held a property auction in Cambridge yesterday (which i missed 🙁 ). This fine 3 bed semi in Lovell Road CB4 2QW was predicted, prior to the auction,  to make £180K to £200K in fact it didn’t reach £118K . Oops it made £179,500

Only 8 of the 15 lots were sold at the auction. So it looks as though the property crash has finally hit Cambridge (again). I wonder if it will take 15 years to recover this time.


From the excellent Estate angels website I found some historic prices for Lovell Road:

Lovell Road House Prices 2000 - 2007
Lovell Road House Prices 2000 - 2007

Yesterdays price of £118K £179,500 takes as back in time to 2000!  Eight two years of Cambridge property inflation wiped out in one month or so…

Walking Out Bantry Way

Sally (who did this excellent post about the walk)  and I recently walked the Sheeps Head Trail which starts and ends in Bantry, Cork, Ireland. We did the walk in a anti-clockwise fashion, as the numbered 350+ guide posts indicate.  We stayed the two nights we were on the peninsular in Kilchrohane. first night at the Bridge View House, Ann Donegan the owner kindly returned us by car to where we left the trail on the North Side. The following night we stayed at The Bayview Inn both decent places although the evening meal at the Bayview was much superior IMHO.

This is our route and photographs:-

Sheeps Head Trail – Widget powered by EveryTrail: GPS Geotagging

For someone who is currently trying to sell their house in the UK, it was amazing to see the forest of For Sale signs and highly unusual the many deserted, unfinished, building sites. I can’t recall seeing one Sold sign in the whole of Cork. Certainly doesn’t bode well for the UK market. Apparently rental prices are collapsing too. Even The Bayview Inn is up for sale at €995,000!

Sally about to eat Maggies Breakfast
Sally about to eat Maggies Breakfast

We also stayed at Maggies superlative B&B The Atlantic Shore in Bantry. If you are thinking of opening a bed and breakfast may I suggest that you visit The Atlantic Shore to see how it is done especially the breakfast, the community table groaning under Maggies home made offerings 🙂

See her reviews in Trip Advisor or just contact her direct on Maggie Doyle, Atlantic Shore, Newtown, Bantry 027 51310 divebantry at