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Hip hip dismay

Today I had the house’s energy performance certificate done:-

According to it I should be spending £205+£1704+£151= £2060 and if I spend a shed load of money it would get to £1743 per year. Well according to my records in the last 12 months I’ve spent £1152.42 🙂 So is the HIP worth having! Interestingly they make no allowances for which direction the house faces or even which part of the country its in, we get the same rating as a north facing house on the Yorkshire moors.

Be interesting to see if any of the prospective buyers want to see it.

Whilst researching this article I noticed that my telephones/internet/mobile bill topped £1722 for the year, ouch!

Posting GPS trails and Images

I have become increasingly frustrated by the inability to easily add my photographs to my wikiloc walk traces and also the relative poor quality of the underlying maps that they use. So the search has been on for a system that easily combines my GPS traces with my Flickr photos and using preferably Google maps. It looks like Everytrail combines all these features. Here is the Oxfam walk that Sally and I did a few weeks ago.
This is the presentation from EveryTrail:-

2008 Oxfam Walk 13mile – Widget powered by: EveryTrail
and here is the wikiloc version:-

Wikiloc does the nice walking elevation profile and seems to have the bigger user base. However, Everytrail’s flickr integration wins me over.

Making a splash..

Today at Noon was the official start to my swimming season here in Cambridge with the Jesus Green pool opening. The water was at a balmy 51°F a couple of degrees warmer than last year.

Geoff making a splash

I managed 2 lengths (Sally did 4). Jordan, the reporter was there from the Cambridge News and he reckons our pictures should hit the presses this Friday.

The cost for the season is £52.50 with my residents leisure card! Full set of pictures are on Flickr