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A hole in the Facebook fence.

VeganBob has come up with two excellent sites that help in linking FaceBook to the world outside its previous walled garden.

To extract calendar information like birthdays and events from Facebook use fbCal , you can then easily add the events to your regular calendars such as ical gcal etc

To get a neat URL to hand out to your mates use fbLink. Mine is

Carbon footprints and the Professor….

A bit more on my house’s carbon footprint. I buy my gas and electricity from e.on (was Powergen) they are now doing rather snazzy graphs from my energy bills and also calculations of actual CO2.

They have calculated in 2007 I generated 3.5 tonnes of CO2 and for 2008 it will be 4.6 tonnes (problem of having additional folks in the house).

Its a far cry from my HIPS report which thought I should be emitting 12  tonnes or if I did all their recommendations 10 tonnes.

They are also using the same measure that Prof. David Mackay used in his lecture at the Cambridge Science Festival.  That is Kilowatt hours per day.

Averaging out the red line (my domestic 2007 combined energy consumption) gives me a figure of about 95kwh/d which for 2 people in the house is about 48kwh/d each.

In his talk he reckoned that UK people use about 125, in the USA about 300.  With Heat at 38kwh/d and light of 4kwh/d plus gadgets of 5kwh/d it looks as though his numbers are spot on. Read his latest book in pdf form here . To see his other predictions and also read Davids blog.

Todays browser tabs…

Tabs currently open in my browser:-

Looks an interesting way of filtering an RSS feed

YouTube – Vista geral da Curve Brigde

Look away if you suffer agrophobia – a must see trip for me 🙂

deputydog | gephyrophobiacs: look away now

The most gorgeous bridge ever!

Users: Robert Scoble – Upcoming

This guy gets everywhere…

Musing about design and convenience

Loved the bit about about double sided wardrobe, one half in bathroom the other in your hotel room

Convert Word Docs to Web Pages – Wired How-To Wiki

Something to try.

Moonwatcher: Total Borrowings of Depository Institutions from the Federal Reserve

Looks terrifying I wonder what the consequences will be….

Literature and Latte – Scrivener

Interesting for when I write a book – wonder if it will convert a WordPress blog into a book?

Getting Real

Tips on building a business with modern tools. About / Bio

Interesting techie guy with the doorbell project.

filtrbox : sign up

Looks like a cool way of tracking your interests on the web.

Twibler: Automatically post your new eBay listings on Twitter

Automatically links your ebay account to Twitter

Face to Face | i love typography, the typography blog

Awesome typography

Links created by the Multiple Tab Handler add on in Firefox

Lawd I’m anally retentive :-(

Oh dear according to this:-

You Are in the Anal Stage of Development

According to Dr. Freud, you are stuck in the anal stage of development.

If your parents didn’t discipline you enough as a young child, you may be messy, reckless, and defiant.

If your parents disciplined you too severely as a young child, you may be uptight, stingy, and passive aggressive.

No matter where you fall, you are likely to have a few problems with authority.

What Freudian Stage Are You In?

But we all know Freud was wrong 🙂