Friday, April 20, 2007

Silva Pedometer / Step counter Instruction Setup

For those that are like me and can never find instruction manuals. Here is the setup sheet for the Silva Step Counter (56012) , Pedometer (56013) and Pedometer Plus (56014).

I'm now on my third one. The internal pendelum seems to only last a million steps, which for me is about a years walking or a stroll down The Camino from SJPP to Santiago de Compostella.

Other than that they are very reliable and good value. Important usage information :-
  • Always attach to your belt with a lanyard (latest models have a small hole to thread a cord through).

  • If they get wet, the displays stops working. However, they still count OK - just put near a radiator and the display will start up again.
Happy walking - they are surprisingly accurate when compared to a GPS typically to better than 1%


Ruthie said...

How expensive is this model?

I have a pedometer, but it measures 3 miles for every 3.75 miles on a treadmill, inexplicably. It's a little odd.

2:40 AM  

Thanks for stopping by my site Geoff.

8:03 PM  
james higham said...

This is a brand new world to me.

9:16 PM  
sally in norfolk said...

After breaking my pedometer...I got one of these at the week-end... 15 Ruthie

12:10 PM  

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