Monday, April 16, 2007

Bloggers Brunch at the MIPAA

Tomorrow I will be on a panel with Ellee and Simon at the Motor Industry Public Affairs Association "Our first ever Bloggers' Brunch brings together a number of bloggers from the world of PR and journalism to help you discover the potential - and pitfalls - of this innovative new communications technique"

I have made a small slide show that if I get time I will present.

Any websites that I mention will be posted here after the brunch.



sally in norfolk said...

Hope all went well...great slide show btw

6:15 PM  
Michael said...

Knock 'em dead Geoff and maybe they will slip you a free car or at least some furry dice.

6:31 PM  
Simon W said...

Geoff - sorry to not get the chance to meet you yesterday. Hopefully I'll get the opportunity next time, as it sounds like a really interesting event.

10:06 PM  
Ellee said...

It was a great slide show, Geoff looked very dashing in a black suit and smart shoes, I was very proud of him.

2:29 PM  
mutleythedog said...

Hi Ellee - what no shirt or socks - I think he probably looked a bit weird.

Are there any jobs going in Motor Industry Public Affairs right now? I am a prolific blogger and a good mate of Ellee - but at the moment am invloved in tourism - about which I know nothing.

12:10 PM  

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