Wednesday, January 24, 2007

Self Charging Smoke Alarm

Here is a really neat product:-
"Never worry about changing batteries again. This unique smoke detector screws into any ceiling light fixture and operates off your home electricity. Reinstall the light bulb into the alarm, and now you’ve got a light source and smoke alarm in one! Recharges itself every time you turn the light on."

Be cool to make one that works with a standard UK ceiling rose and even better that uses the house wiring to activate all the alarms in the house.

Maybe one exists?

Thanks to the Make blog for the link.



Ellee said...

It's about time this happened, what a brilliant idea. Let's hope people buy them.

5:43 PM  
Heather Yaxley said...

Geoff - I have one in my office which is a standard UK pin fitting. I bought it from one of the supermarkets a few months ago.

(P.S. Looking forward to meeting you on Tuesday with Ellee at our Bloggers' Brunch)

2:21 PM  
Lake said...

Geoff - you can get them in Tesco - under a tenner I seem to recall. The only drawback is that they have a test function activated by turning the light switch on and off, which I keep activating by accident and deafening myself.

11:45 AM  

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