Thursday, January 11, 2007

Boarding in Les Gets

The snow might be dreadful with only a handful of blue runs open but that doesn't stop me geeking out . Here is a map of where I went boarding this afternoon, made by strapping  my GARMIN Etrex to my helmet and then importing the track log into my Memory Map.

  Overlaid is my speed profile with a red dot that shows exactly where my highest speed was obtained.  An alternative graph is the elevation profile showing that I used 3 lifts.

Will be interesting to see what happens once we get some decent snow and the red and black runs open. Interestingly I had my first  email request for a summer booking at my apartment today


sally said...

Glad to see your still getting out even with the lack of snow, you take care and don't go too fast....

10:50 PM  
Ellee said...

Sally, There is no way of ever slowing down Geoff, he only has two gears - fast and faster!

10:20 AM  

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