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The Nice Sea

Made it the Med at 6pm and threw my stick in. Must say the Nice people keep it well hidden took ages wandering the streets, thank goodness for GPS. Now for a beer and somewhere to stay.
Fly home Wed arrive midday..
Cheers to all

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A Nice Day…

The weather is not at all nice on my Nice day. Its been raining cats and dogs with the odd roll of thunder and flash of lightening since I left Utelle 3.5 hours ago with most of the track converted into a watercourse

Currently I am holed up in a Rapido cafe in Levens with a cheese sandwich, still over 6 hours of walking before i get to see and feel the sea.
My RAB event jacket must have a leak as I get a little river down the inside of each arm. Otherwise as dry as can be expected. Maybe it will brighten up soon……..

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