Sunday, May 14, 2006

Oxfam Cambridge Walk 2006

Today Caroline convinced me to do the Oxfam walk with her today. After starting off at 8.30 we decided to go for the 21mile version rather than the full on one of 26miles. I didnt mind as still recovering from The Pennine Way.

We did the 39,922 steps in a respectable 5.9 hrs (3.6mph) plus 36mins of tea and cake breaks (best cakes and food by far at Horseheath!) giving an overall speed of 3.2mph. We where overtaken by three people - Oh the shame of it :-(

Afterwards we had complimentary massages by The Hills Road Clinic and a trainee foot masseur.

The walk was well organised except I notice the Co-Op are no longer sponsoring free water etc also the numbers seemed somewhat less than previous years. All in all an excellent day complete with a great stir fry cooked by Caroline :-)


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