Monday, April 03, 2006

UK Single party rules, OK?

Wow, what a great opposition we have here in the UK. If this comment by Spy Blog on the Samizdata post "We have not yet begun to fight right", is correct.

""I still can't quite figure out what happened, but am starting to think the timing is a matter of Tory electoral and media strategy."

Has there been any explanation from the Conservatives why most of them abstained but 24 of them, including their front bench Home Affairs team voted with the Labour Government on the final vote ?

If they had all abstained or had all voted against the Bill which, due to the lack of enough Labour rebels would still have been passed, I might have understood their position.

To appear not to understand that the crucial and most evil part of the scheme is the centralised biometric database rather than the ID SmartCard, after all the letters, articles and briefings which they have received seems very fishy.

Now I just feel betrayed by the Tories as well as by Labour.

Posted by Watching Them, Watching Us at April 1, 2006 01:57 AM"

Maybe they didnt want to upset the consultant gravy train that this is going to provide.


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