Monday, February 13, 2006

Blocked drains

Well done to Anglian Water. Woke up this morning to find that when flushing the toilet the water backed right up the bowl. Ah I thought the pesky drain blocked again (at one time it was always getting blocked) so I took my trusty rods to the end of my drain (we share it with our two neighbours) No luck although the manhole was getting full so it was definitly an AW problem. After some searching I found the number to call 08457 145 145 explained the problem emphazing the toilets couldnt be used. One hour later the Anglian Water men turn up - incredibly polite and very knowledgable as well. They couldnt unblock it. So they looked in the street - Yep the whole street is backed up. Eventually they found the problem in the main drain at Hills road Coronation street junction so in fact a huge part of the south of Cambridge was affected and the amazing thing is that I was the only complaint they had. Even though a huge area of Cambridge was affected......


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